If you are looking for a school for your child or know someone who is, then read this article. Here you will discover what is Montessori? The Montessori method, the goal of Maria Montessori and the characteristics of a Montessori classroom. So, take 2 minutes and read these 9 key points or watch the 4 minute video at the end.


1. Casa Dei Bambini

The first Montessori school…

Was opened by Dr. Maria Montessori, in an apartment building in Rome in 1907 for impoverished children and low-income families and her basic principle is “to follow the child”.

2. Engage All The Senses

Dr. Maria Montessori outfitted… 

The first Casa with specialized materials that she developed and a table, stove, blackboard and chairs. Maria Montessori discover from her research that children understood and learned complex concepts when all of their senses were engaged. 

3. Montessori Activities

Montessori Classrooms

All Montessori classrooms will include personal care; dressing and undressing of self. And care of the environment; dusting, sweeping and gardening. Dr. Montessori believed children should take part in everyday task as possible. 

4. Free Choice Encourages Self Discipline

Maria Montessori Observations

Given free choice, children showed more interest in practical activities than in normal toys. And children showed deep concentration and multiple repetition which leads to a natural self-discipline. 

5. The Goal – Independent Learners

That teachers are not teacher but facilitators, with a purpose to guide the child who is free to move about freely in their environment. This best suited children because naturally the child will work independently and reach new levels of autonomy and become self-motivated learners. Fulfilling the goal to become independent, responsible, discipline adults who share a love of learning.

6. Advocates of Montessori Learning

Advocates and Alumni 

The spread of Montessori schools occurred because Maria Montessori and her ideas traveled. Her purpose was to inspire progressive thinkers and educators. Influential people such as Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison advocated early on. Famous alumni includes Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia. 

7. Montessori Method for Everyone

The Montessori method

Includes the materials and insights that can be used by everyone. This is the exact reason there are great variations in each Montessori schools from pre-k to 12 year curriculums. The Montesssori method is even used in homeschooling. 

8. Montessori Classroom Characteristics

What you will find in a Montessori Classroom 

  • Dr. Maria Montessori specialized materials

  • Mixed age classes (0-3, 3-6 & 6-12) inspiring learning from each other

  • Uninterrupted blocks of study time (2-3) hours 

  • Trained Guide (teacher)

  • Open classrooms that allow free movement 

9. Montessori Famous Quote 

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” — Maria Montessori 

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