Daily car ride routines like running errands, going to and from school, soccer practice or a weekend get away, is a simple way to spend quality time with your child. Being in the car holds opportunities to encourage creativity, unity and love while nurturing collaborative relationship with one another. Car rides don’t have to be all about the base with music blasting, road rage drama and electronic overload times. As a parent you have the power to shift these daily traveling routines into a “quality time” bandwagon. Beep beep!!

Here are 6 “quality time” car ride ideas to take advantage of these daily traveling moments:

1. Car goodies!! Pack a backpack with a couple of small toys, notepad, color pencils with a sharpener, small books with pictures, binoculars, figure puppets and a simple snack. Having these goodies on hand keeps your child entertained by using their creativity on the go. Tip.. Allow for your child to pack up their own car goodies. Why? Because they would most likely use it if they pack it themselves.  

2. Audio books or books with story CD’s to play in the car. This is so much fun and another simple way to promote listening and early literacy skills. 

3. Play games like “I spy something red outside can you guess what it is?”  Or…  “Count how many blue cars you see.”  Be playful and get creative make up your own games together.  

4. Take turns storytelling “Theres was a big frog that…..”  Include things you know your child is interested in to get that imagination engine running.

5. Play children’s music that your little one can wiggle too while in the car seat. My two favorite Pandora stations are Elizabeth Mitchell and Laurie Berkner. I love their music, they make me wiggle too! 

6. Talk to each other or ask questions, be listening ears for one another. Sometimes kids just want to talk endlessly and I hate to break it to you but, shutting them up isn’t helpful! Chatting is a great tool for their language development and emotional expression. Your listening ears validates to them that they are being acknowledge by you.  

Try any of the ideas for one week and see how it transforms your connection with your little one. Share you experience below! Hope this brings some inspiration for your “quality time” bandwagon. Beep beep!!