A home environment that supports the child’s independence, offers access to his personal belongings so he can thrive independently, at his own pace, for meeting his growing needs. 

As I have witnessed endless times in the classroom, children like to feel included and acknowledged, and love doing things for themselves. Through much observation Dr. Montessori concluded that young children are frequently frustrated in their own attempts to do things for themselves. What they need is specific and simple exercises related to daily task they witness around them. 

As a result children are not interested in achieving end results quickly, but far more interested in the process of a task. This is why they will happily repeat a task again and again until they feel satisfied.

It is clear in the Montessori Method, that the act of a child participating in a task nurtures a love of learning. This is why the classroom rooms are designed to be at the children’s level. There’s a purpose for it all, the placement of furniture, materials, and lighting are some of the many aspects that create an inviting space for children to learn.

Bringing this approach home can seem overwhelming. It is vital to keep in mind that children are constantly learning in every moment through daily experiences, interactions and environments. Recognizing that most children spend a vast part of they’re early years at home… it is our role as parents to support their capabilities by creating a space in which he is able to learn and grow freely.

How can your home environment support your child’s independence? 

Creating a home environment with your child in mind welcomes your little one to participate in their own lives.

Like in the Montessori classroom all of your child’s belongings should be safely accessible for him to take and put away. It allows them to enter deep into their daily routines like brushing teeth, eating, and bath time. These self-care task hold endless learning moments and are simple ways to provide opportunity to gain order, concentration, and independence just as in a Montessori classroom.

The act of accomplishing task independently fills the their hearts with internal satisfaction.

We all know what its like to accomplish something… a rush of joy, confidence, and clarity vibrates throughout you. The same goes for your little ones, they seek to feel purposeful and capable too. 

3 Steps to Set up your Home Environment for Your Child

  1. De-clutter your child’s belongings like furniture, clothing, and toys. If it hasn’t been used, over grown or broken, let it go !!!! 
  2. Everything that stays must have a place where your child can safely reach take and put back. Avoid over crowding of things in one place, clothing and toys should be set up with as the simplicity as the goal. 
  3. Guide your child on how to clean up their belongings after use everyday. Expect for them to hold some responsibility for putting away their own things because they can safely access them.