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Home schooling is a big commitment and can be a stressful experience for both you and your child. You may face many daily challenges like managing your child’s work and personal time along with keeping the school space organized.

Home School Work Spaces: In-Home Parent Course

You will be guided through creating a functional home school “Work Space.” This Work Space is a personalized in-home classroom setting, with both you and your child needs in mind. The purpose is to provide an organized area that is comfortable, and inspires learning.

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Need some pointers creating the “Work Space,” I am here to help from afar. Together we can discuss how to create a functional area for both you an your child to flow easily during the work time.

Home School Work Space: Online Parent Session

In 90min we will discuss your goals and how you can accomplish it with small steps. You will receive personalized advice based on the current space and steps on how to implement the changes at your pace.