turn Challenging Moments into learning Moments

In 3-Step discover how you can use the power of personal reflection to implement consistent discipline and overcome your 2-6 year old defiant behavior. 

Not until you discover what is no longer working and replace it with what can work will you ever overcome parenting uncertainty and defiant behavior. The power to discipline is recognizing when to find a learning moments in even the most challenging moments. 


This workbook will help parents

  • Develop a consistent discipline approach
  • Implement effective boundaries
  • Learn to help your child express their emotions
  • Improve parenting confidence 
  • Realign your thoughts + refresh your mind
  • Reduce parenting stress 
  • Become firm confident + consistent in your discipline approach 
  • Learn how to promote concentration, creativity and relaxation through "Peace Corners" (bonus)
  • Learn to use past experiences to understand your child emotions through "Reflection Bowl" (bonus

This workbook will help children: 

  • Develop independence + Self expression 
  • Grow up emotionally intelligent
  • Improve early childhood communication
  • Reduce childhood misbehavior