Children develop best in an orderly environment that provides tools they can explore and learn from. With A Little Room 2 Grow, you will learn to turn your child's play area or home school space into a simplistic learning environment.

Design approach is based on scientific research discovered by Dr. Maria Montessori.


Hi! I am Rhina Etienne

Montessori Family Coach and Founder of A Little Room 2 Grow. I am a certified AMS Montessori educator from birth to six years old. My role is to enlighten parents on how they can support their child’s potential through the home environment. Read on>>>


This guide is designed to broaden your awareness and discover the advantages your home environment offers your child.

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Play & Learn Spaces

Learn how to create a play space that fosters

learning right at home.

Home School

Work Spaces

Together we can create a functional work space for both you and your child.

“You have helped me already handling my terribly terrific 2 year old. I am seeing so much from a new perspective...encouraging her creativity & growth rather than trying to control her energy. It is like I had a paradigm shift. I was telling the moms today that I was still in baby mentality where you do everything & now I need to grow with her to foster independence by letting her do it.”

- Victoria D.

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