Who is this service for? 

A Little Room 2 Grow, is for:

 The growing minds of newborns to six years. 

  • Parents Seeking Guidance

  • Expecting Families

  • Multiple Age Siblings

  • Childcare Providers 

  • Home Schools 

What is the purpose of the service? 

We believe in the child's potential. The purpose is to maximize the child's growing experiences through their play space. We want to empower parents to support their child growing needs before entering school. Nurturing opportunities for a child to accomplish self-care task like cleaning after play allows him to tap-into their inner potential. For example, showing your child how to place toys back in its place each time builds mental order, concentration, coordination, self-confidence, discipline, independence, problem solving skills and more.

Does my child have to be in a Montessori school in order to create the environment at home?

Nope!  Your child does not have to attend a Montessori school in-order to receive the benefits of an inspired space. However, if he/she has been or currently in a Montessori setting this process will be familiar and comfortable to adapt.

Do I need to become familiar with this philosophy before setting up a in-home visit?

Not entirely, although familiarizing yourself with the philosophy can help you and your child maximum on the home environment experience. In our sessions you will receive  references and recommend books to gain further knowledge.

Do child-care providers, home schools or learning centers, need to be Montessori certified to receive this service?

No you do not have to be Montessori certified in-order to provided an inspired environment. It is to the benefit of the children and the educator, if you become as familiar as possible about the philosophy and practice daily implematation. 

NOTE: These service is not Montessori Training course. If you choose to seek a certification in this method, please locate your local Montessori AMS or AMI Training facilities.

How do I get started?

Click contact and leave your information with any further questions to schedule your free 45 minute visit.