It's Screen Free Week!!!

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Take this week to reconnect your child with play in or out of the home. According to authors, Jean Rogers & Rinny Yourman, “ It’s true that screens can make parents’ lives easier, but only in the short term. In the long run, screen-free play helps children develop resourcefulness, creativity, and self-soothing skills that will make parents’ lives much easier. During Screen-Free Week, parents can design active, creative play opportunities—going to a local park, setting up blanket forts or even just pretend play with pots, pans, and a few kitchen utensils. Activities and events planned for Screen-Free Week often create precedents for how to manage screens and develop healthy habits as children grow.” Read More>>

Montessori Phonetic Alphabet Sounds

The Language curriculum in Montessori introduces a phonetic approach before pointing out the names of the letters. Children learn the sounds of each letter in the alphabet through activities that demonstrate pre- reading skills like “find the beginning, middle and ending sounds of pictures or objects.” Later, children learn to blend these letter sounds forming a short vowel word (cat, sun, bat).

I put this video together to refresh your mind on the letter sounds again, so you can reinforce the proper sounds with your child. You can also show your child this video as a visual exercise outside of the classroom. Notice the consonant letters are in pink and the vowels are in blue, it is the same color theme as you would find in most traditional Montessori Language lessons.

Enjoy and share!

5 Things to Know About Alternative Education

If you are wondering "What school should I choose for my child?", or "What is alternative education?" or "Does school kill creativity?" Then we have put together some great resources to clear your mind and give another perspective on education your growing child.

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Donate Toys with your Child for the New Year

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5 Steps to Declutter and Donate with Your Child For The New Year

After the holidays your probably feeling overwhelmed with the amount of toys your child has added to the pile. Its time to start the new year fresh and clear out those unused toys for the new year. The end of the year always brings a wave of energy and the mindset of letting go by shedding things we no longer need around us. It’s a window to get in the spirit giving! Why not include your child in the spirit of giving too? If your not ready to do a big clean up that’s ok. This post is for you!

You can instill the value of helping others in your child heart at an early age. How? By allowing your child to be apart of decluttering some toys they no longer care for. Its a great way include them into decluttering, practice detachment and giving all at the same time.

Here are 5 simple ways to take action now without making any major changes in your child’s play area.

  1. Plan: Pick a location, child or family you would like to donate toys too. Make any prior arrangements to drop off the donations shortly after declutter to avoid having the pile of donation laying around the home or sitting in the car for weeks. Then, block out a least one hour to declutter with your child.

  2. Prepare: Grab one large sturdy bag, bin or box.

  3. Talk about it: Sit with your child in front of the toys with out any distractions (meaning no screen time during this conversation). Talk about letting go of a couple toys to donate to some children who would appreciate them.

  4. Take action: Allow your child to pick a couple toys to put in the bag, bin or box you choose. Its important they are apart of the detaching process. Be patient with your child, even only a few things end up in the pile, at least you are practicing the act of giving little by little.

  5. Let go: Make a trip with your little one to drop off the donations. This where the feeling of joy kicks in! A sense of relief will come through you and your child’s heart will be filled with doing a good deed.

What Every Parent Should Know About the Montessori Method

If you are looking for a school for your child or know someone who is, then read this article. Here you will discover what is Montessori? The Montessori method, the goal of Maria Montessori and the characteristics of a Montessori classroom. So, take 2 minutes and read theses 9 key points or watch the 4 minute video below.

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