Create A Home With Your Child In Mind


Create A Home With Your Child In Mind


See how letting your child do more on his own can benefit his mind, body and soul.

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Nurture your child’s potential! The creation of a prepared work space for children, paves the way in cultivating the path for a well rounded adult life: mentally, physically and spiritually. This is the core of the Montessori philosophy providing an educational environment for hands on experiences that results in building real-life skills, attention span, motor coordination, mental order and independence. With the guidance of this book, you can add these foundational ingredients for success right at home. This guide is designed to broaden your awareness and discover the advantages your home environment offers your child. 

How? By carefully choosing which essential items your child needs and uses daily, setting them up at his height then encouraging independence within these created spaces. This guide is intended to help you accomplish these tasks to enhance your home environment with your child's needs in mind. 

What’s in it? Check out the images for a sneak peek! I am excited to share with you all of my personal and expert tips. This helpful tool is easy to read with beautiful pictures. Not certain about the Montessori approach? It’s ok this guide won’t bite. I cover basic information about the philosophy and how it relates to your parenting and home environment. Download your copy now and lets get started on creating a home with your child in mind!

Here is what you will get out of this eBook:

  • How to see your home as a learning environment 

  • How to make daily self-care task like cleaning-up, more attainable for your child and less stressful for you

  • Why it’s important to capture your child’s potential through independence before grade school 

  • Create a Montessori-inspired bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, play shelf, peace corner & outdoor shelf

  • How to maintain the spaces orderly and inviting

  • Implement subtle ways to parent with more patience and clarity

  • How to guide your child’s independence during “Snack Time” 

  • How to create a balanced “School Day Routine” to make time for independence and play each day

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