0-18m Infants

These little ones begin to absorb through sight, sound, touch and mouth. They are naturally curious about how things work in environments around them. Creating a space for them to safely explore their curiosities, builds a lasting interest for learning. Playing is learning!

18m-3yrs Toddlers

Toddlers, are constantly seeking for a sense of control while trying to organize the world and are working on independence. They grow to show a true deep interest of adult roles by imitating them. A personalized space for them will promote a sense of control that supports their current development while gaining a sense of boundaries.

3-6yrs Preschoolers

Children 3-6 years express deep interest in understanding and taking part in their daily routine. They work best when participating in hands-on activities. Preparing a inviting play space for preschoolers is most helpful for the child to become apart of their everyday life tasks. From preparing a role playing to clean up, brings about a sense of peace and accomplishment.


  • The ability to problem solve and use critical thinking skills. 

  • Build confidence and self awareness through exploration.  

  • Independence 

  • Love of learning at home. 

  • Builds understanding of natural consequences within the freedom of independence.

  • Promote coordination, mental order, concentration, fine and gross motor skills and more.