5 Tips for your Child's Home Library

build your child's home library

Building a home library is an essential part of a child's tools for language. Creating a routine of reading every night is a key opportunity any parent should offer their growing child. By reading your child gets time to connect with you, while building vocabulary, reading comprehension, concentration, new experiences, thinking skills, using imgination, communication skills and more. Out of my teaching experience I now that when choosing books for your child it is fundamental to offer books with their current interest and books about real life facts and pictures (you know those ones about  the parts of a real train and how it moves or real sea animals etc). Exposing your child to these types of books sounds a bit far fetch because we assume they won't be interested in such factual information but the truth is all children crave it (this is why they ask "why" all the time). This also helps them introduces information about the world they are part of. You can mix in a book or two about fantasy things like princess and ningas, but try to keep these types of books to a minimum. Why? Well, children are already exposed to these fantasy with TV shows and games, so why not give them what they internally crave developmentally ? The goal is to create a life long relationship with reading a variety of books.


- Keep a minimum of 6-10 books accessable with a variety of the books I mentioned above and rotate them once you've finish reading all of them, this way the child can indirectly gains a sense of completion. 

- Make time out in your child's bedtime routine to read together. 

- Model that reading is fun! Try to be encouraging, engage them into the story. Allow them to ask questions and interpret what they think the pictures in the book say.

- Ask questions: What was your favorite part? What happened in the beginning, middle or end of the story? etc.

- Do it all again and again! 

Happy reading! Hope this helps!! I would love to hear from you if you have any questions.