New Year New Room


This is my sons bedroom/play space. His room has an eclectic feel with mid-century pieces. Every detail and pieces of furniture have a story, which creates a warm and personal unique little space. He has been building Legos since he was 4 years old and is currently adding more to the collection. His deep interest in Legos lead us to display his work on a bookshelf so he can continue to be inspired to play with his creations at any time. He's also a very active and competitive little character that spends a lot of time playing basketball and football outside of school. Since he's always on the go he has a large basket with different balls and other outdoor toys he plays with daily.  

I have spent over 5 years in a Montessori classroom and I am still fascinated by what children are capable of doing on their own when the environment is set up for them to succeed in. My first year my son and I were in the same classroom (that was interesting) and I got to witness another side of him I didn't get to see at home. I was amazed that he was cleaning up after himself with ease and not at home. So I decided to try and imitate some basic deign techniques we use to create a child size Montessori environment in his bedroom. I wanted him to have the same opportunity at home, so I began designing his bedroom with his interest and needs in mind. 

My vision was to create a simplistic space where he can find his belongings easily and put them away independently just like he could in his classroom. Now he has a beautiful, simplistic and unique bedroom/play space that not only meets his interest but it also supports his creativity and independence.