5 Things to Know About Alternative Education

A Short Alternative Education Guide

If you are wondering "What kind of school should I choose for my child?", or "What is alternative education?" or "Does school kill creativity?" Then I have put together some great resources to clear your mind and give another perspective on education your growing child. 

I personally believe traditional education has not evolved in such a way to prepare our children to face this new world that is quickly changing and requiring less to do more.

However, non-traditional methods of guiding and educating our children have sprung up all across the globe such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf. These alternative schools focus on protecting and developing the potential and creativity of the child.

This blog post is here to challenge and inspire the way you think about your child's development.  

So watch the videos and read the articles... promise you will find much benefit in doing so. 

  1. What is Montessori Education?



As a Montessori teacher, often I meet many parents who do not know what Montessori is or want to know where to find more information about the Montessori Method.

Read this "What is Montessori" article written by Northwest Montessori and you will discover the what and why of the Montessori Method of education. This article will certainty help you see why you should enroll your child in a certified Montessori school. 

2. What is Reggio Emilia?


Our children are born with an innate curiosity and potential that influence every action they take. We as parents must learn how to "listen" and "guide" our children. To help you decide if Reggio Emilia Approach is right for your child, read this short and simple "What Is The Reggio Emilia Approach" written by An Everyday Story.

3. What is Waldrof Education?

To answer the question "What is Waldorf" here is a clip I found. Its an awesome 18 minute video created by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America watch "Waldorf 100 Learn To Change The World" absolutely mind blowing... You will learn what is Waldorf and much more. 

4. Do Schools Kill Creativity?

After you've explored, discovered and learned... Here’s a much watch special TED talk by Ken Robinson titled "Do schools kill creativity?" to provide you with a different perspective on traditional education. So head over to TED and watch the video "Do schools kill creativity?" Let us know what you think?? in the comments section below.   

5. How Classroom Furniture Supports Scientific Inquiry

Now, If you aren't ready to commit to an alternative educational approach here is something to keep in mind when shopping for a school. Even if the school you choose for your child is not follow one of these alternative education approaches above, you can certainly look out for an important aspect of a classroom, furniture. I think it would be great if you thought differently about how classroom layout and furniture can support your child's learning. Watch "How can furniture support scientific inquiry?" over at Community Playthings.