Montessori-inspired space

Montessori room for children

So this is one side of Zire's Montessori inspired room. I wanted to make sure he had a place to come and feel inspired to creatively express himself through play and art. I find myself just wanting to hang out with him in his room many times, the environment calls my inner child out to play too. It also reminds me to keep introducing him to new arts and craft projects and play ideas. 

The area that he's sitting is were all his building toys are, I also incorporated a mirror inspired by the Emilia Reggio philosophy. The purpose of the mirror is to enhance his play inquiry it allows him to see his lego and other toys from more than one dimension, cool concept right?!.  The other area along the wall is his arts and craft area. There he has the essentials color pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, papers, paint, stamps and a couple of other fun things. 

Most of the times he usually takes what he needs and comes to the living room or the kitchen to do his crafts or play because he likes company, and thats A ok. The point is that when he's inspired to play or do art, it is accessible for him to independently get what he needs at any time.