" Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." - Maria Montessori

Lets continue celebrating Independence!! Give your child the opportunity to accomplish a task for themselves today, they crave it. When they are able to do so, these experiences increases their inner confidence, self esteem and belief. This feeling they can only acquire by doing, so let them do!

Here are some simple ideas you can guide them how to do independently:

- Taking clothes on and off.

- Putting on shoes.

- Drying body off after a bath or swim.

- Rubbing lotion or sun block on.

- Letting them help make a snack.

- Brush their own hair and teeth.

- And so on...

All your doing is including them in their daily routine. Remember to be encouraging and put away any preconceived ideas. This provides your child the opportunity to be in control in a healthy self rewarding way.

Drop a line! I would love to hear your experience with implementing independence at home.