It's Screen Free Week!!!

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Take this week to reconnect your child with play in or out of the home. According to authors, Jean Rogers & Rinny Yourman, “ It’s true that screens can make parents’ lives easier, but only in the short term. In the long run, screen-free play helps children develop resourcefulness, creativity, and self-soothing skills that will make parents’ lives much easier. During Screen-Free Week, parents can design active, creative play opportunities—going to a local park, setting up blanket forts or even just pretend play with pots, pans, and a few kitchen utensils. Activities and events planned for Screen-Free Week often create precedents for how to manage screens and develop healthy habits as children grow.” Read More>>


I was sitting in the bed reading while waiting for Z to finish preparing for bed. When he finished he got in bed with me and his origami packet. As he sat next to me making the boar you see in the picture, I couldn't help to notice how darn amazing folding paper could be.

It required him to concentrate, coordinate, build fine motor skills and plan with order.  He did his best to follow each step instructed on the manual. After he made two, we played a little story telling them. Good times! Such a great thing to keep around in a craft, art or play area.