Holiday Childrens Gifts

Here we are in December my friends! Oh how the time has past so magically fast and now we are in the season of giving to show our love and appreciation to those that leave an impression in our lives. Now if your anything like me I like to get children gifts that will leave an impact and inspire through experiences. So because you might be feeling puzzled as to which way to go with gifting I put together some of great toys we have in our home that has brought beautiful bonding moments and inspired creativity throughout the year. 

1. Books - Gift books that children can learn about morals, life lessons and even interact with like those beginning readers. When picking out books remember to keep the childs age in mind that way they can enjoy it right away. 

2. This Constructibles Building Set has been awarded a best toy award. It truly is a great tool for a child to explore with 3-D puzzles. 

3. Memory Game from Kid O, these brain games are always fun toys for kids and great for siblings to play with together. 

4. Any music instrument is always a great gift. It is inspiring tool for a child of any age to explore with and self express through creative play. 

5. Smarty Pants from Melissa and Dough this brain tweezers game is a easy way to connect moms and dads with their little ones, building bonding moments.

6. Really cool magnetic blocks from Tegu. Any wooden blocks are a great choice these are great because there magnetic so your child can explore with them in different ways then other blocks. This is a great tool for any age boys and girls.

Hope this helps narrow down your gift shopping this year. Share your favorite gift finds or questions about finding more gifts below!

With love,