Mail Time

child develop independence by accomplishing small task daily

Getting the mail was one task this little guy remember to do everyday. He enjoyed walking out with the key to open and close the mailbox on his own. This is one way we indirectly showed him, how to do something independently in his everyday life. He also learned how to coordinate his hands to help him open and close the box while handling the mail. So cute to wacth! 

After he mastered getting the mail on his own we :

- Placed the mail key in a accessible place for him to find it when he needs it.

- Set appropriate responsibility and expected him put the mail key in its place.

- Had him sort the mail (envelopes on onside side and newspapers on the other).


Montessori Inspired Kicthen

Montessori inspired kitchen

So here's Zires kitchen space, set up for him to clearly see what he can use to move about in the kitchen for himself. We are open about him building independence throughout our home with safe and appropriate boundaries. He has his plates, bowls, cups, a step stool and more at his reach. This space has been awesome for him, he can serve himself a snack and be able to clean up after himself.


- He feels so confident when he pours himself and us glass of water.

- Learns coordinating what he needs to do to accomplish a task.

- Practices grace and courtesy! He loves to serve our guest and his friends snacks and juice when they come over.


Exploring the Ocean Floor

So we went on a surprise kindergarten field trip to Biscayne Nature Center and what an amazing time we all had. We explored so many types of sea creatures as we used a huge nets to scoop them out. The best part was that he got to find, see, touch & learn about each unique fish he caught. I loved the idea of going to a place that offered interactive experience for all ages. Mommy approved!