10 reasons why you should read to your kids

boy reading

Ok! We we all know why reading to our kids is important, right?! Ever wonder what does my child really gain from reading time?

Here are 10 benefits your child gains form reading to them everyday. 

1. Bonding Time - When you and your child are together reading, you are indirectly setting a happy feeling to reading. Why? because your child is happy to be with you. 

2. Academic Skills - Studies show that children whom have been exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to be academically successful in education. 

3. Speech - From birth your child is gain exposure to language, reading words to them reinforces pronunciation and basic sounds.  

4. How to Read a Book - Children are unaware of the details we see when reading such as text, sentences, illustrations, how to turn a page are all pre-reading skills. They have to be taught these skills, you have the power to do that before they enter pre-school.

6. Mastery of Language - Early reading builds exposure to the fundamentals of language.

7. Exposure - By reading a variety of books you offer exposure to concepts, culture, behaviors and facts about our world.

8. Thinking Skills- This exposure leads your child to, ask questions, predict what might happen next, relate to scenarios and understand cause and effect. 

9. Promotes Concentration - Just by sitting and focusing through a whole book your child gained discipline and concentration skills.  

10. Interest in Reading on Their Own - Once your child has constantly experienced happy memories with reading, they will grow to love reading on their own.