Encouraging Creative Art

We saved some color pencil shaving after sharpening them through time at home. Soon we had a little stash that we kept in Zires art area for art projects.

He wanted to play a game on a tablet instead we redirected him to an art project. I just took out the pencil shavings and told him he can make something out of the pencils shavings first then he can play on a tablet for one game . My point is that I like to remind him that there are other ways he can entertain himself other than playing a game, sometimes a creative outlet is what he seeking. After a little encouragement he spent about 40 minutes cutting and gluing away on his own. He made four different art pieces out of 5 materials. Talk about creative expression!

Encourage your child to use their creativity with what you have at home. Sometimes they are just bored and the easiest outlet they have is a tablet to keep them entertained. 


- Color Pencil Shavings

- Glue

- Goggly Eyes

- Child Size Scissors

- Construction Paper