weekly yoga at local park

My son Z and I went to a yoga class at the park this morning. In the beginning he was very much into the class within 10mins of it he "checked out". He started to wonder his eyes around the park, stretch his body in his own way, then play catch with one of his shoes. As I contuined switching poses along with the class my focus became keeping an eye on him wondering how to get his attention back into joining the class he was doing so wonderfully in 10mins ago. Then I asked myself  whats the big deal? He was doing his own thing enjoying the yoga class in a different way that I was, and that should be expected and accepted. Why did I allow myself to break focus within my commitment to stay with my breath during the yoga class and internally blame him for it? There was no reason to, he was not doing anything harmful to himself or others or disturbing the class and he was within eye distance, so it was no biggy. I reminded myself to stay with the flow of the present moment enjoy the yoga class while he enjoyed flipping around the grass,  and people watching. At the end of the class he saw a boy join the instructor he wanted to join and somehow found his way along side of her to lead the class with a closing OM. What a beautiful class it was.