Way cool right?! We went to the park and magically one of the parents happened to be a fireman. He mentioned it after chatting about how great our boys played together. Before leaving he invited us to use his gear to take pictures. He gave the kids the run down about the special equipment and its purpose and even shared a cool heroic story. It was such a great way for the kids to get a tiny experience on what its like to be a fireman. Thanks to all service members trying to keep the communities safe. You rock!

Parent Roles


Boy and dad in nature

We are all looking for ways to improve our parenting roles especially with more then one child. What are my roles as a parent? How can I provide my child a balanced life? This article can bring you some clarity on what children consistently need as they grow. Hope this helps! 

Parenting Roles:


child declutter room

child declutter room

Well its that time! Decluttering around the home is always cleansing for me, but for this little guy attachments has the best of him at this moment. He was not happy to donate some of his toys which have been collecting dust. He has a good amount of toys that he plays with and some he rarely uses, then there are those toys that are just in the way. You know those toys missing the arms, legs, wheels and tops. In this decluttering affair we had talked about the flow of space and how the old toys are taking space from his new ones flowing in. After much hesitation and encouragement he finally was able to put one random toy in the bag at a time. Later in the day he said " It feels like theres not much toys but I like it", I was so happy to hear that after having such a ruff start and now he closed the experience on a happy note. I'd like to think this will leave him more open to the next decluttering session. 

The Outdoors

child points at birds
boy climbs tree

Earth day everyday! Bedsides the fact that, being outside recharges my energy and burns his, it is apart of our lifestyle to put our electronics to the side and go outside climb trees, observe nature and play. I find that the more time we spend watching the birds, lizards, butterfly, worms, and leaves the more Z looks forward to going outside. I believe that the connection he grows with the outdoors is as important as recycling.


weekly yoga at local park

My son Z and I went to a yoga class at the park this morning. In the beginning he was very much into the class within 10mins of it he "checked out". He started to wonder his eyes around the park, stretch his body in his own way, then play catch with one of his shoes. As I contuined switching poses along with the class my focus became keeping an eye on him wondering how to get his attention back into joining the class he was doing so wonderfully in 10mins ago. Then I asked myself  whats the big deal? He was doing his own thing enjoying the yoga class in a different way that I was, and that should be expected and accepted. Why did I allow myself to break focus within my commitment to stay with my breath during the yoga class and internally blame him for it? There was no reason to, he was not doing anything harmful to himself or others or disturbing the class and he was within eye distance, so it was no biggy. I reminded myself to stay with the flow of the present moment enjoy the yoga class while he enjoyed flipping around the grass,  and people watching. At the end of the class he saw a boy join the instructor he wanted to join and somehow found his way along side of her to lead the class with a closing OM. What a beautiful class it was.