Me Time

Making time to relax by the bay

The past three months were very changeling for me after taking on a roll as a college student while juggling being a mom and nurturing my passion. Adding on to many priorities in a day I thought would be more productive for my future. Turns out it was the opposite for my present moment. How much more productive did I need to be? I no longer had free time to play and connect with my growing child. Not to mention my whole life's routine grew unbalanced no more "me time" and very little time for my little business. Now that I am no longer enrolled into classes I found a new appreciation for time. 

Setting a routine for myself to have "me time" became my number one priority. Why? Because if I did not have time to be with myself (mediating, stretching, reading a yummy book, morning tea by the water) I wouldn't be so productive as mommy, wife, teacher, friend, and entrepreneur. I am the center of all these roles that I take on everyday. So why not make time for me?  Starting my day off with some quite time has brought deeply to my inner self than any other roles, it's my way to recharge and connect with a higher source and reminds me who I am when I am centered. Taking that feeling with me throughout the a the day opens up my arms and my awareness. This is my tool for MY success. What's yours?