Rock Collecting

rock collecting
child look closely at rock

Z has been collecting rocks sense he was 2 and not until now he began to show a deeper interest in the rocks he has gathered through time. Lately he's been asking simple questions about the rocks, "Why are they different colors? Where do they come from? Why are they hard?". Heres a little activity we did one afternoon with his encyclopedia of rocks and minerals.

-  We looked up about 5 rocks from his collection.

- Matched the pictures to the rocks as we named each rock. 

- Read only about two facts from each rock.

- Played a fun recap "memory game" about the rocks we researched.

This activity ended up being a fun way to extend his on his rock collection! 

Beans and play dough?

counting activity at home

Heres a simple number activity for your little ones to do at home.


1. Write a number on a sheet of paper with a black maker. Try to use one sheet of paper per number for visual clarity.Make about 3-5 numbers before starting. 

2. Show your little how to shape the play dough to the number then place it over the outlined number on the paper. Work on one number at a time, this is great for strengthening fine motor skills and number recognition. 

3. Count the number of beans then place them under the paper to represent the quantity .

We worked on tens but this can most certainly work for any smaller or bigger numbers. For example, ages 3-4 you can start with numbers 0-9, then keep on going!

Happy counting!