Traveling Basket

A great idea to organize kids toys and book in the car


Looking for an idea to keep your little ones entertained in the car?

Meet our traveling basket for all ages! This idea started because Zire constantly brings toys and things from home into the car to play with (hence the basket). The basket lives in the car and always has variety of things for him to do with boundaries. There are those common rules that he is responsible for keeping up with. For example when we leave the car everything goes in the basket and we rotate his toys and books to keep it minimal and inviting.

What's in there?

- Note Pad (to write and color on)

- Coloring Book

- Crayons, Pencil

- 4 Books

-Small Toys

You can adjust toys and books according to age and interest.

This traveling basket has also been a great way to apply appropriate responsibility while promoting creative play and literacy in his everyday life.