Beginning Readers

Self read books for beginners

Love these self reads!!! I bought them directly from the author a Montessori teacher herself at this years Montessori Conference. The illistrautions reeled me like a fish on a hook! They come in levels of phonetic progression and cute cards to color. Check out to order a set and for great tips on reading the Montessori way.


Just Hanging

Funny how much Zire enjoyed me hanging upside down. He cheered me on as I tried getting my long legs around the bar while hanging for dear life. I like to show him that I like to have fun too, it feels good!! 

The Wiblets

books for toddlers

So I wanted to share our new additions in our home library. I love the theme of these books, they hold great life lessons within the colorful pages.

Zire is self reading now and "Demanding Dudley" has been a great way for him to connect to the good feelings that follow using our manners. I also love that the lesson and illustrations is presented in way he can relate with, being a ''Demanding Dudley" himself sometimes. Its been a helpful source to go back to when his demanding attitudes come out for show.

The book he's reading in the video is "What We Do After School" this book is a awesome sing-along to promote consistency with our home routine after camp (later on school).

Mommy approved!

Here's where to get copy

Traveling Basket

A great idea to organize kids toys and book in the car


Looking for an idea to keep your little ones entertained in the car?

Meet our traveling basket for all ages! This idea started because Zire constantly brings toys and things from home into the car to play with (hence the basket). The basket lives in the car and always has variety of things for him to do with boundaries. There are those common rules that he is responsible for keeping up with. For example when we leave the car everything goes in the basket and we rotate his toys and books to keep it minimal and inviting.

What's in there?

- Note Pad (to write and color on)

- Coloring Book

- Crayons, Pencil

- 4 Books

-Small Toys

You can adjust toys and books according to age and interest.

This traveling basket has also been a great way to apply appropriate responsibility while promoting creative play and literacy in his everyday life.


Mail Time

child develop independence by accomplishing small task daily

Getting the mail was one task this little guy remember to do everyday. He enjoyed walking out with the key to open and close the mailbox on his own. This is one way we indirectly showed him, how to do something independently in his everyday life. He also learned how to coordinate his hands to help him open and close the box while handling the mail. So cute to wacth! 

After he mastered getting the mail on his own we :

- Placed the mail key in a accessible place for him to find it when he needs it.

- Set appropriate responsibility and expected him put the mail key in its place.

- Had him sort the mail (envelopes on onside side and newspapers on the other).