Observe & Draw

 observation ideans for children 

Children can gain so much from learning how to be observant. Its a practical life skill that will expand their awareness to the details of their surroundings. You can guide them how to be observant in any environment and situation.

Here I brought out a notepad and color pencils with us by the water together we began coloring what we saw, the water, birds, a man fishing, giant rocks etc. The more we got into it the more detailed our observations became. I have to say it was meditative for me and a great way to connect with him while learning a valuable life skill.


- Notepad 

- Color Pencils

- Any Setting (preferably tranquil) 

This is also a great way to get your child to practice handwriting at home. Have them write a sentence about their observation. Keep it fun!

Try it and share your experience. If you've done anything similar please do tell!