Parent Roles


Boy and dad in nature

We are all looking for ways to improve our parenting roles especially with more then one child. What are my roles as a parent? How can I provide my child a balanced life? This article can bring you some clarity on what children consistently need as they grow. Hope this helps! 

Parenting Roles:

Help me do it myself!

child brushes teeth independently

Z has been doing much for himself sense he was 3. I followed his lead with some task like brushing his teeth, putting on his clothes, preparing a snack. He wanted to do it all himself. Not until I became a Montessori teacher did I witness that it's not just my child that urges to do something for himself, but all children. They all have an innate interest for learning every day skills. Why not allow them? 

Heres a great article to inspire you to encourage independence at home for your little ones.